Andrew Thompson, of our Bureau department, has finally completed the mammoth challenge of the 10 in 10.

Pictured above with Steve Cram and his mother Margaret, Andrew commented, “The 10 races have been great fun, even the hard slog ones I have taken good things from. The standout race for me was Coniston—number 5. Everything about the preparation went wrong, camping with the kids didn’t work for us first time round… added to that it was the hottest weekend of the year with very little water on a brute of a course. The first pint at the end was well earned, which made it all the better. Close behind that was race number 2 in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, where I got lost and ran nearly 30 miles—that was the moment that I realised that sometimes conquering what is thrown at you along the way is the achievement rather than the time it takes. Number 6, the Dovedale Dipper was another long haul to the Peak District and it was the only one that I’ve felt I didn’t do myself justice on but it was one hell of a route!”

Andrew also led a gallant band of Tetris blocks in the Great North Run raising well over £1000 in the process. The race was a great fundraising boost before the starting the final straight of the marathon challenge. So with the challenge finished, everything has fallen into place nicely. Andrew has managed to raise a very impressive £4,494.44 on his own, and as a team they smashed the £5,000 target, by raising an overall total of £5,369.45.

When Andrew was asked what he would do next he added, “The ultra-path (over 50 miles) looks tempting, although so does bettering my marathon time. At the pub recently I was running through some options and thinking about the up coming races when I saw poor old Anna (my wife) with her head in her hands. She thought it was over! No, my love, just getting started I’m afraid… better put my blanket back in the dog house, I’m not out of it yet.”

Please see below the final times for Andrew’s 10 marathons:

Date Marathon Completed Time
12/03/2011 Gin Pit, Manchester 4.01.12
02/04/2011 Caythorpe Canter 4.42.45
08/05/2011 Stratford on Avon 3.56.46
22/05/2011 Edinburgh 3.49.44
03/07/2011 Coniston 4.52.54
07/08/2011 Dovedale Dipper 4.57.00
21/08/2011 Northumb. Coastal 4.37.38
11/09/2011 Nottingham 4.01.08
09/10/2011 Kielder 4.05.30
30/10/2011 Newcastle T. Moor 3.51.36

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