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HMRC released the latest CJRS statistics on 7 October 2021 showing the number of employers who have claimed CJRS.  The statistics are broken down into several categories to provide a full and comprehensive analysis.  

The categories include:

  • Employments on furlough over time
  • Furlough by industry
  • By size of employer
  • By country and region and sector
  • By local authority and Parliamentary constituency
  • By gender
  • By age
  • Furlough type and
  • Estimated annual pay

More back to work

The data also confirms that the number of workers that were still on furlough has consistently declined in recent months as the scheme winded down, closing on 30 September 2021.  These latest figures are for periods up to 31 August 2021 that were claimed up to 14 September 2021.  The data is only provisional as additional claims for the period are received.


The statistics have been published on and a link is provided below to the full report.

But here is a summary of the findings. 

On 31 August 2021 there were 440,000 employers with 1.3 million staff placed on furlough.  This shows a decrease of 260,000 jobs from 31 July figures when there were 1.6 million staff on furlough.

Since the start of the scheme there has been a cumulative total of 11.7 million jobs supported by the CJRS at various times since March 2020.  The last time the number of workers on furlough peaked was in January 2021 at 5.1 million but this figure has since fallen by 3.7 million.

Provisional figures confirm that 23% of employers had staff placed on furlough which is down from 25% in July.

Not surprisingly, the arts, entertainment and recreation sector had the highest take up rates for furlough of all the sectors with 12% of staff on furlough.  But as more and more businesses reopen, the accommodation and food services sector saw the greatest reduction in the number of staff placed on furlough for the month of August.

Highest number on furlough

However, the highest rates of jobs placed on furlough as at 31 August 2021 were passenger air transport at 44%, travel agency and tour operators at 40% and photographic activities at 34%.  As the travel restrictions ease in time for half term break, the Government hopes that the travel industry will see a surge in passengers travelling abroad.

Looking at the data across all sizes of employer, the number of staff placed on furlough has decreased across all the months between February and August 2021.  

Statistically the use of furlough decreased faster amongst larger employers in the last few months.  The largest reduction could be seen for the largest employers which is defined as those with 250 or more employees.  In this sector the number of staff on furlough fell by nearly 79,000 to an estimated figure of just under 186,000.

Analysis of the data by age shows that those aged 18 to 34 had the biggest reduction of the number placed on furlough and at the end of August workers aged 65 and over had the highest proportion of employments on furlough.

Further details

The full report can be viewed here:

The next publication of the CJRS statistics will be on 4 November 2021.

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