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Would you ever volunteer to provide a talk to an international audience with only ten minutes to prepare? Lysa Morrison, Director of Transformation at leading HR and payroll company, Cintra HR & Payroll Services would…and did!

The most recent TEDx event at Newcastle University was one of many casualties of the recent visit of the ‘Beast from the East’, with a number of scheduled speakers unable to attend because of the adverse weather conditions.

TEDx are prestigious events, held under the banner of global initiative TED Talks, aimed at sparking connection and discussion about ideas worth spreading.

A member of the audience, Lysa was keen to help out when organisers became aware of a gap in the programme, and volunteered to deliver an 18 minute session on the very topical ‘Why we perceive the world so differently’. An NLP Master Practitioner and accredited trainer, and ILM accredited executive coach, Lysa is an expert at engaging audiences from the moment she takes to the stage and this occasion was no exception, with Lysa’s talk being one of the most popular of the day.

Lysa specialises in language and behaviour and has developed a range of tools to support both business and personal growth through coaching, training, consultancy and facilitation. Her insightful and engaging approach encourages you to explore the scary territory that lies at the edge of your comfort zone and beyond. With Lysa’s help your answer to the question “Would You Ever?” could well be yes!


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