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Our multi award-winning range of HR and payroll solutions will help you manage people from recruitment to retirement.

We can tailor a solution to meet your needs today, yet rapidly adjust in response to any change in circumstances. All of our service and software development is done in-house, so we retain control and can respond rapidly.

Choose between running your systems in-house and a broad range of outsourcing options, our range of services allows you to fine tune your solution to your exact needs.

And because the same core Cintra software underpins each option, it’s easy to switch between services as your requirements change without affecting your information network or historical data.


You’re in the driving seat!

Cintra Software has been designed to help you manage all of your Payroll and HR Management needs in one place. Our range of products will ensure accuracy, efficiency and control for your Payroll and HR team whilst providing Management with valuable real time business-wide intelligence at the touch of a button.

If you want to empower your employees and reduce paperwork whilst saving your team precious admin time, we have a range of self-service options so your employees can access and update their everyday HR information such as payslips, learning and development plans and holiday bookings, where they need it and when they need it.

To give you full control of your HR and Payroll solutions from recruitment through to retirement, our recruitment products will help you find and manage the best talent whilst at the same time improving the efficiency of your recruitment process and the candidate experience.

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A single, fully integrated solution for all of your HR and Payroll needs.

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Empower your employees and reduce your paperwork with Cintra iQ Self Service.

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A modern solution to your recruitment problems.

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Freedom from the hassle!

Our highly qualified payroll and hosting experts can manage some or all of your payroll processing, payment, legislation, tax and security needs so you don’t have to.

Our cost effective solutions ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy of your payroll needs meaning you can spend your time focusing on what is most important to you and your business.

Never worry about the latest legislation, tax laws, deadlines or security, data and compliance issues as our Payroll experts and Tier3+ secured hosting solutions can help you gain expertise, be compliant, save money on staffing costs and save you valuable time. In fact, our Head of Legislation and Compliance won the prestigious 2018 Global Payroll Specialist Award for his contribution to the Payroll industry.

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In a world of standardised solutions, we offer a payroll service with the flexibility to adapt as your needs change…

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A seamless global payroll solution, offering payroll support in 28 different countries…

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Combines secure, encrypted access to your payroll & HR solution, whenever and wherever you need it…

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Taking you further

Once you purchase a Cintra Software or Service solution, we will continue to be at hand to help you get the most out of your software solutions, your people and your business.

Our award-winning implementation team will manage your project from start to finish ensuring minimum disruption to your existing workload. We pride ourselves in our service, so our number one priority is making sure you find the implementation process seamless, efficient and hassle free. We will set up your new system and add all of your data for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are proud to say we have never missed a deadline!

Our experts in Cintra software will provide your employees with first class training helping you to get the most out of your system. If you want any additional training for new starters or specialist training to unleash the additional power of the system, we can put something together that’s especially designed for your employee and business needs.

Our training services don’t stop there! Let us take you further with a wide range of training and consultancy services all aimed at helping you get the most out of your people and your business. Cintra NLP and Professional Development training helps you understand and achieve a wide range of organisational development goals to help your employees perform at their best.

Cintra Consultancy delivers bespoke extra support for more complex or time-consuming projects such as Total Reward Statements, 3rd party system integrations and accounting output files and journals. If you’re looking for a helping hand to get the best out of your business, our consultancy services are aimed at helping you solve your people or business related issues, manage change, realise opportunities or help you develop and grow. Led by our very own Director of Transformation, an experience management consultant and Business School Lecturer, our team can help you achieve your business-wide strategic and operational goals.

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Get your Cintra software up and running fast with our unique implementation...

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Our bespoke training will help you to get the most out of your system and support your employees to be their best and improve their performance...

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A range of extra support and consultancy services aimed at supporting you and your business’ wide, strategic and operational goals...

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