Cintra Hosting

Cintra hosting combines secure, encrypted access to your payroll & HR solution, whenever and wherever you need it.

Cintra hosting offers our customers the power of the cloud, with all the security you expect. Connection is via secure VPN, so you can access your payroll from anywhere whilst still enjoying end-to-end encryption.

Cintra hosting has a range of options to suit your business:

  • Shared or dedicated servers
  • Complete logical separation
  • Database encryption
  • IPsec or SSL VPN
  • Cintra keeps daily, monthly, and annual backups of your data to ensure that whatever happens, yesterdays data is available tomorrow.

In addition to backups, our primary datacentre is replicated hourly to a secondary location, which allows us the flexibility to restore the state of all or part of our operation in the case of any unfortunate event. All of our datacentres are Tier3+ and are based in the United Kingdom.

An image of a data centre.

At Cintra we are both ISO9001 and ISAE3402 certified.

Additionally our datacentre partners are certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO27001 to ensure your data’s safety and security.

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What our customers say...

I have found all of the staff at Cintra to be most helpful, polite and courteous. They are friendly and patient and always try to help. I would recommend them to others.
Yvonne, Manufacturing Sector