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  1. Why is this being introduced now?

The pandemic has brought about far-reaching and fundamental changes to both how we and our valued clients work; as well as when that work is done. Like our clients, we are embracing hybrid and flexible working for all our colleagues who understand that our outsourced payroll delivery is a mission-critical support service. We support over 1,000 clients in processing payrolls for some 225,000 employees every month. Processing these payrolls and payments have exact and unyielding deadlines and we work closely with our client to ensure that employees are paid when they expect to be paid.

To support our clients and our employees we have documented the service delivery framework, which provides certainty to both parties. The Service Level Deliverables (SLD) has been sent to all of our clients and can be downloaded from our website:

We have reflected and consulted carefully about when to reaffirm our service delivery framework and we believe that now; as the worst of the pandemic appears to be behind us is the appropriate time, especially as it coincides with the approaching new tax year. This framework builds upon everything we’ve always done and reflects consultation with our clients.

2. What impact does this have on me?

The service delivery framework formalised in the service level delivery schedules reaffirms the responsibilities that rest with our clients and those that rest with ourselves alongside when information should be exchanged between us and our clients.

As such we do not expect any material impact on our client base and you will continue to communicate with the same trusted colleagues within our outsourced services team.

3. Does this change my contract?

The service level deliverable schedules reaffirm how we deliver the outsourced services that are contracted with our clients and there is no change to the core contractual relationship between our clients and ourselves. Our latest contractual terms can be seen here.

4. Why have late data charges and late payroll sign-off charges been introduced?

We have always levied charges for consistent and persistent late delivery of information by clients. We work closely with all our clients to set up payroll timetables that ensure that information can be provided and processed in time to ensure accurate payroll payments are made to employees in accordance with their contracts.

 Late payment charges are; and will only be, levied where clients have failed to meet their obligations to deliver information in accordance with the agreed timetables.

5. I am not happy with the SLD who should I speak with?

Our payroll managers and leaders in the outsourced services team, as well as company directors, are all happy to discuss the SLD’s at anytime. Reach out to your usual payroll contact who will then put you in touch with one of those colleagues.


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