Cintra provides one of the most powerful and attractive payroll systems available in the UK. What makes Cintra truly exceptional however, is the choice it provides over how you deploy it. Whether you want to run your payroll in-house, outsource, or somewhere in between, Cintra can fine tune its offering to suit your precise needs.

We genuinely believe that we offer a payroll solution second to none.  Our software is developed in-house, driven by the needs of our customers.  It is comprehensive, intuitive and robust and offers multiple outsourcing options, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Our payroll support service is delivered by qualified professionals, on hand to ensure that you have a friendly, knowledgeable person to help: whether that is help with the software product, a technical issue or legislative advice.

Often decisions about what to outsource are based as much on variable factors like current resource availability as upon longer term strategic issues. Whatever your needs, we are confident of finding a good fit from our range of flexible options. Since the software platform is standard throughout, you get the same history, data flows and look and feel whatever your choice.

It’s when circumstances change, though, often at very short notice, that being a Cintra customer really comes into its own. It means you can change what you outsource, quickly and at minimal cost, while retaining all your historical and current data flows. Our current clients often cycle through deployment options, picking and mixing according to current circumstance.

Visit our Services page for a more detailed look at the options available.