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Cintra Conference

From 9.15am – 4pm on Wednesday, 29 June 2022.  Registration opens: 8.45am


9.15am – 9.30am
Welcome address
Eric Dunmore, Chief Executive Officer, PSSG

A round up of developments to Cintra and its products and services over the last 18 months followed by an overview of Cintra’s vision for the future.


9.30am – 9.50am
How listening to customers informs operations and technology
Dan Brooker, Chief Operating Officer, PSSG

Your feedback matters. We explain how we’ve been gathering feedback, the impact this has had and how it’s driving our £3m investment in software developments, functionality and support services.


9.50am – 9.55am
An introduction to what’s new
Seb Aspland, Chief Technology Officer, PSSG

An overview of all new products and launches being announced.


9.55am – 10.15am
Finding and onboarding: Integrated applicant tracking
Dave Edwards, Product Manager, Pinpoint

Explore how Pinpoint integrates with Cintra to enable you to advertise, assess and recruit faster.


10.15am – 10.25am
Retaining and managing: Product Launch: CintraHR
Jess Mcevoy, Head of Development
, Cintra

Our new best in class, integrated HR solution is unveiled. CintraHR helps businesses transform their people and payroll processes within a single platform enabling business and HR leaders to centralise people management and HR activities.


10.25am – 10.45am
CintraHR in action
Robert Bromage, Founder, intelliHR

Discover the advantages a centralised, cloud-based HR and payroll platform delivers as we take an in depth look at how CintraHR integrates with Cintra payroll to provide users with a definitive source of truth across all payroll and HR functions.


10.45am – 10.55am


10.55am – 11.15am
Coffee & Networking


11.15pm – 11.30pm
Paying: Cintra SaaS/ Cintra Cloud
Seb Aspland, Chief Technology Officer, PSSG

Understanding the development of our Cintra Cloud and Payroll Software products over the last 2 years.


11.30pm – 12pm
Analysing and deciding: Cintra Groups
Eric Dunmore, Chief Executive Officer, PSSG
Ed Hawley, Chief Sales Officer, PSSG
Mark Faulkner, Product Manager, Cintra

Be the first to see our exciting new product that not only delivers additional functionality and reporting capabilities but can also empower your managers and improve efficiency throughout your organisation.


12pm – 12.10pm


12.10pm – 12.40pm
Payrolls and financial wellbeing
Mathew Akrigg, Policy and Research Officer, CIPP

Employee financial wellbeing is more important than ever. But what involvement does, or should, payroll play in the promotion of good financial practices in the staff it engages with.


12.40pm – 2pm
Lunch & networking


2pm – 2.30pm
What is Insights “Discovery”?
Nick Saunders

Insights “Discovery” is a highly effective psychometric tool focusing on communicating and connecting with others, based on self-understanding. Find out how it can transform people’s self-perception, productivity and performance.


2.30pm – 2.50pm
The power of people data
Robert Bromage, Founder, intelliHR

Dive into ground-breaking insights on how to use people analytics data to enrich your decision-making.


2.50pm – 3.10pm
The future looks bright – Cintra’s Roadmap for the Future
Seb Aspland, Chief Technology Officer, PSSG

Cintra’s software has undergone major changes to its functionality and user experience but there’s still more in the pipeline. Find out what you can expect to see in the coming months.


3.10pm – 3.30pm
Beyond UK product set – Facilitating global expansion
David Wall, Chief Executive Officer, UnaTerra


Thank you for coming and final Q&As
Eric Dunmore, Chief Executive Officer, PSSG


Please note, that by attending any of the above events you agree to be photographed and/or filmed and give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.



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