All Ireland Bank Holidays 2024

ireland bank holidays 2024


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One thing that seems important to us all when working is: Bank Holidays. When are they coming up? How many do we have left for the year? How can I make the most of my extra day off work? And as an employer it’s pretty important to consider the regulations surrounding bank holidays in any country you employ people. 

So, have you ever found yourself wondering ‘when is the next bank holiday in Ireland?’ We’ve got the lowdown on all things relating to the public holidays in the Republic of Ireland in 2024 that factor into your team’s holiday entitlement 

How many bank holidays in Ireland? 

There are 10 public holidays in Ireland each year. In 2023, the number of holidays went from 9 to 10 with the addition of St Brigid’s Day. St Bridgid’s Day celebrates Ireland’s only female patron saint and is a day with origins in the Celtric festival of Imbolc with the festival of fertility.  

What are Ireland’s Bank Holiday’s 2024? 

New Year’s Day – Sunday, January 1 

St. Brigid’s Day – Monday, February 6 

St. Patrick’s Day – Friday, March 17 

Easter Monday – Monday, April 10 

May Day – Monday, May 1 

June Bank Holiday – Monday, June 5 

August Bank Holiday – Monday, August 7 

October Bank Holiday – Monday, October 30 

Christmas Day – Monday, December 25 

St. Stephen’s Day – Tuesday, December 26 

What are employees entitled to?  

In Ireland most employees are entitled to leave on public holidays. Full-time workers have immediate entitlement to a benefit for public holidays and part-time workers have entitlement to a benefit when they have worked a total of 40 hours in the previous 5 weeks, and it falls on a day that they do usually work.  

As there are some workplaces which aren’t able to provide a day off, if your employee qualifies for a public holiday benefit then they’ll be entitled to one of the following options:  

  • A paid day off on the public holiday 
  • An additional day of annual leave 
  • An additional days pay 
  • A paid day off within a month of the public holiday 

For part time employees, if they don’t normally work on the day which is a public holiday, then they should get paid one-fifth of their weekly pay as compensation for the public holiday.  

One thing to note is that if a public holiday falls on a day which is not a normal working day for the business, then employees are still entitled to benefit from the public holiday, however, they don’t have the automatic right to have the next working day off, instead employees can be provided with one of the above options such as an additional day of annual leave, or an additional days pay. This is up to the organisation how you choose to offer this missed bank holiday. 

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