Payroll Outsourcing Services

Deliver accurate, reliable, and secure payroll; without the hard work! We’ve been delivering award-winning payroll outsourcing services for 40+ years, driven by qualified payroll experts—built with ease of use at the heart.

outsourced payroll services, payroll outsourcing services, fully managed payroll services
outsourced payroll services, payroll outsourcing services, fully managed payroll services

Why outsourcing your payroll is a great idea

outsourced payroll services, payroll outsourcing services, fully managed payroll services


Find out more about Cintra’s outsourced payroll services, including the incredible technology we’ve invested over £10m into in the last three years.

The benefits of outsourcing your payroll

Whether you struggle with lack of internal expertise or time-consuming, manual processes… outsourcing your payroll gives you access to a qualified team of payroll professionals become a true extension of your organisation; delivering the hard work for you. 


With real-time data and variance insights, never worry about your payroll accuracy. Cintra makes it easy to spot mistakes and has an average error rate of 0.0027%.


The right payroll partner will save you money. What you pay for the service is far outweighed by what you save employing and training your own payroll staff.


We pride ourselves on our cyber security practices, spanning ISO9001/27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and more—with Bulletproof rating us 100% compliant.


Let our payroll compliance experts take care of your compliance needs. They’ll keep up to date with legislation changes and file with HMRC, so you don’t have to.

Make running your payroll a breeze with Cintra

Our commitment to payroll is reflected not just in numbers, but in the seamless and dependable service we’ve created—allowing us to become one of the UK’s most trusted payroll providers. 

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In the seventeen years I have been a customer of Cintra I have seen their business grow bigger and stronger but the customer satisfaction and service they provide remains the same.

Payroll Manager

outsourced payroll services, payroll outsourcing services, fully managed payroll services

How do payroll outsourcing services work?

Instead of handling all your payroll functions in-house—like calculations and deductions, payroll processing, employee payments, and reporting—we’ll handle those tasks for you.   

You’re still responsible for providing us with the data we need to process your payroll like new starters, leavers, salary data, pension schemes. You do that in our cloud-based portal, which also gives you access to real-time reporting and variance—without difficult data work—so your data input is safe, fast, and efficient. 

Once we’ve got all the correct information to process your payroll, we’ll do the difficult work from there – including processing, validating, BACS, and HMRC filings. 

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See Cintra in action

We’ll show you Cintra’s cloud-based payroll portal, and you tell us about your needs and challenges. Together, we’ll find the perfect managed payroll service for your organisation.

Payroll outsourcing services with Cintra

Here at Cintra, your payroll outsourcing service is powered by our fully secure, market-leading technology that we develop in-house. We arm you with our easy-to-use, modern, and cloud-based software to capture your people and payroll data—and we do the rest for you.

outsourced payroll services payroll outsourcing services fully managed payroll services

Cloud-based and secure

Access Cintra Cloud on any device, from any location—giving you full flexibility and control over your payroll data.

Real-time calculations

Ditch the calculators and see instant payroll calculations, making it easy to compare against your budget.

Secure document sharing

Cintra Cloud makes it safe and secure to share and store your payroll data in a centralised location.

Centralised communication

In-platform messaging with our outsourced payroll experts keeps your communication centralised.

outsourced payroll services payroll outsourcing services fully managed payroll services
outsourced payroll services payroll outsourcing services fully managed payroll services

Integrated with HR

All your HR data securely flows through to payroll, so everything is accurate, consistent and maintained.

Automated payslips

Always get fully compliant payslips to your people on time by automating the process, from creation to notification.

Full data visibility

Gain a real-time window in your entire payroll cycle, giving you full visibility of all of your payroll data in one platform.

Bespoke reports

Easily create over 60 key payroll reports, or request bespoke reports from our team. Always have the information you need.

outsourced payroll services, payroll outsourcing services, fully managed payroll services

The software is just so usable, you build the system so the data is in the way which you want it! Anything in the system is reportable and you can design the reports yourself. There really is nothing like it on the market!

HR Officer


Flexible, scalable and customisable to your needs

Alongside your fully managed payroll, we can help you with:

What makes us different

Our payroll and HR software is used by our very own outsourced payroll team, and a constant cycle of feedback has helped us develop one of the most evolved systems availableWe’re proud to offer you a best-of-breed payroll and HR solution that helps your organisation become more efficient and innovative by enhancing your employee experience. 

Cintra’s large payroll outsourcing team utilise our own software every day
Continuous feedback from our outsourcing team as well as from customers
New ideas and technology incorporated by our in-house engineers

Payroll outsourcing FAQs

Outsourced payroll is the practice of handing over the responsibility of manage your payroll and related tasks to an external service provider, like Cintra. Instead of handling all payroll functions in-house, a specialist service provider will handle those tasks on your behalf. That includes calculations and deductions, payroll processing, employee payments, real-time information reporting, and more.

You and your team are still responsible for providing the outsourced payroll provider with all the relevant information they need to run your payroll in a timely and accurate manner. And they’ll likely provide you with an online payroll portal to do this. In that portal, you’ll need to enter data such as new starters and leavers, salary data, working hours, pension schemes, and so on. Once they’ve got all the correct information to process your payroll, they’ll take the reins and do all the complicated work around calculations, deductions, compliance, and reporting.   

Payroll outsourcing costs largely depend on the size of your organisation, as most payroll services work on a price per payslip basis. But there are economies of scale involved. So, the bigger your organisation, the greater your discounted rate.    

So, the cost of payroll outsourcing services varies depending on the specific needs of your company, the number of employees you have, and what payroll company you work with.  

We’re always on hand to provide you with a no-obligation quote. Simply get in touch with us to chat through your requirements. We’ll provide you with a quote which outlines the cost of outsourcing your payroll to Cintra. 

In short, yes! When you consider the employment and training costs of running your payroll in-house, outsourcing your payroll is absolutely cost effective. 

Managing an in-house payroll team means you’ll be covering costs for recruitment, training, salaries, benefits, and everything else that comes with hiring internally. And all those things are much more difficult to budget for. But with outsourcing, the fixed fee or cost per payslip make it much easier to budget for your payroll expenses. 

We’ve been delivering professional payroll and HR solutions for over 40 years’, supporting over 1,550 customers across all sectors—with specialist payroll features to serve unique industry requirements. 

What sets us apart is our best-of-breed software, developed in-house and used by our own payroll outsourcing team. There’s a continuous cycle of feedback between our in-house developers and our payrollers, and we listen carefully to our customer feedback to make changes—quickly. We’re proud of the client-led product innovation we’ve implemented. We’re always listening your needs and acting fast to make sure you get exactly what you need from our products and services. 

Cintra is ISO27001 accredited which assures you that at every level, and in every project, information security is our number one priority. 

Below is how we keep your data secure when you choose our payroll services;  

  • Multi-factor authentication.  
  • User security: role based access control can be assigned on a per user basis. 
  • Data input: all data you enter is via your secure portal, which means you avoid the risks associated with sending data and information via email. 
  • Messaging: our integrated messaging tool allows you to securely communicate with your outsourced services team.  From within the portal you can directly message your OSS team, upload documents and send confidential information. 


Our payroll team works with you to understand your pay cycle and provide a deadline for data submission. Data is securely submitted via our cloud portal. It is possible to import spreadsheets to input employee data at once, avoiding the data risks associated with transferring files via email. 

Your payroll will be fully managed by our expert payroll team which means you aren’t dependent on one person. This allows processes to be centralised and you stop you being impacted by any changes within your own business 

Fully accredited and secure payroll outsourcing services

The perfect partner to your payroll outsourcing services


Decentralise payroll and give your managers the power to own and enter payroll data for their teams, in real-time.


Simple but sophisticated expense management software bringing all your spend together in one easy platform.


A cloud-based, integrated HR solution that helps organisations transform their people and payroll processes within a single platform.

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outsourced payroll services payroll outsourcing services fully managed payroll services

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