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Our multi award-winning HR & Payroll service has been making our customers happy for over 35 years.

Because at Cintra, we believe the secret to building strong relationships is to provide an outstanding service to our clients. In fact, our very first customer, Crabtree of Gateshead, is still with us.

Our mission is simple, to keep our customers happy

…and this passion and commitment has seen us recognised within our industry as market leaders. Our in-house HR and Payroll software and outsourced bureau service is currently used by over 750 happy customers, ranging from voluntary and public sector bodies, such as colleges and local authorities to private companies and major blue chip organisations.

That’s because every Cintra customer gets much more than just a world class HR & Payroll service; they get an unrivalled commitment to a genuine partnership, which we believe is the key to delivering best value and happy clients.

Carsten Staehr, Chief Executive

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