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The applicant tracking system that lets you advertise, assess and recruit better and faster than before—integrated with Cintra’s Payroll and HR software.

recruitment software, applicant tracking system

Payroll, HR, and recruitment expertise you won’t find elsewhere

No single tool can be great at everything. That’s why Pinpoint brings their world-class recruitment software, and we plug it into our award-winning payroll and HR software—giving you two best-of-breed solutions in one fully integrated system. That’s two teams of experts delivering for your organisation as one.

The modern way to attract, hire and retain the best talent

Pinpoint’s recruitment software moves entirely at your pace across all roles you recruit for—because when recruitment’s done right, employees are happier, teams are stronger and organisations thrive.

Cut out the cost of recruitment agencies

Attracting ten great fit candidates is better than 1,000 who aren’t. Find great quality candidates with ease—it’s better for your time, your budget and your candidates.

Improve collaboration and make better hiring decisions

Hiring is a team sport and engaging with hiring managers is key—better collaboration means better hiring decisions and faster processes.

Make candidates excited to join your team

The best candidates have choices, so help them choose you with a great candidate experience and an employer brand that resonates with the right people.

Fix broken recruitment processes filled with bias

An inclusive culture starts with recruitment. Attract a diverse talent pool, reduce bias at every hiring stage and hire the best talent for every role.

[Pinpoint is] an ATS that doesn’t feel like an ATS. It feels like a tool that opens up so many different support options. Pinpoint is so much more than an ATS because it goes the extra mile in everything that it offers.

Rachel Todd, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist



Find out more about how to collaborate better and hire the best talent with Pinpoint.

recruitment software, applicant tracking system

The partnership that brings the best of payroll, HR, and recruitment software

Save on recruitment costs, reduce time-to-hire and create a great candidate experience with Pinpoint. Fully integrated with Cintra’s payroll and HR software, create a seamless process from recruitment to onboarding to ongoing employee experience.

Recruitment software built for you and your challenges

Pinpoint’s applicant tracking system, at a glance…

Job board marketplace

Easily advertise on the 100s of job boards that Pinpoint integrates with.

Talent pipelines

Build and nurture a database of candidates that are a great fit for your organisation.

Recruitment workflows

Automate manual work and speed up the hiring process with customisable workflows.

Candidate scorecards

Pinpoint enables you to advertise on 1450+ job sites from within the system.

recruitment software, applicant tracking system
recruitment software, applicant tracking system

Anonymised screening

Assess candidates exclusively on their experience and skills, minimising the risk of bias.

Equality monitoring reports

Identify ED&I barriers in your recruitment process with in-depth equality monitoring reports.

Branded careers website

Show off what makes your organisation a great place to work with a built-for-you careers site.

Automated interview scheduling

Remove the back-and-forth of email by letting candidates book interviews based on your team's availability.

recruitment software, applicant tracking system
recruitment software, applicant tracking system

Cintra and Pinpoint, together

Less admin

No more manual data entry across multiple platforms. Push your new recruits straight through to payroll and HR.

More efficiency

A seamless sync across platforms means you create a single source of truth across the entire employee lifecycle.

Smoother processes

Whether it’s one team doing the work or you have separate departments; streamline recruitment, payroll and HR.

Why choose Pinpoint?

On average, Pinpoint customers see:

80% less time on admin

Save time by automating manual processes, without compromising on candidate experience.

40% faster hires

Hire faster than ever with an easy-to-use ATS, better collaboration with hiring managers, talent pools, job board integrations and interview scheduling—to name a few.

83% less spend on recruitment agencies

Spend less money on recruitment agencies who add little value, and always find the right people yourself.

recruitment software, applicant tracking system

What makes us different

Our Payroll and HR software is used by our very own payroll outsourcing team. A constant cycle of feedback and evaluation has resulted in one of the most evolved systems available. We’re proud to offer you a best-of-breed Payroll and HR platform that helps your organisation become more efficient and innovative by enhancing your employee experience.

Cintra’s large payroll outsourcing team utilise our own software every day
Continuous feedback from our outsourcing team as well as from customers
New ideas and technology incorporated by our in-house engineers

The perfect partner to your recruitment software


A full-or-part-managed payroll service, powered by market-leading software and fully integrated with HR.


Simple but sophisticated expense management software bringing all your spend together in one easy platform.


A cloud-based, integrated HR solution that helps organisations transform their people and payroll processes within a single platform.

Chat with a recruitment and HR expert

Want to find out more? Our recruitment and HR experts are always on hand to discuss your organisation’s challenges. They’ll also share our customer success stories, and showcase how Cintra’s solutions can add real value.

recruitment software, applicant tracking system

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