HR & Payroll Case Studies

Transformational payroll & HR in action

Read about the incredible time, money, and resource savings seen by forward-thinking organisation's.

Arcus recognised the need to streamline their complex payroll processes across their multiple sites—where half of their 4,500-strong workforce were paid using timesheets and spreadsheets.
Olleco were facing manual approval processes and a reliance on spreadsheets to process payroll for their colleagues across 19 sites and 19 different approvals—leaving a short time frames to run their payroll.
Ocado sought a partner who could take its labour-intensive payroll from a time-consuming, manual process with calculations and spreadsheets into a seamless, streamlined operation—saving them £18,000.
Faced with manual processes and data inaccessibility, Newable set out to transform their HR processes by automating tasks, enriching their data, and improving new employee experiences during onboarding.

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