Expense Management Software

Simple but sophisticated expense management software—bringing reimbursements, bills, and credit card transactions together in one easy-to-use platform.

expense management software, expense software, expense management system

Expense management software for modern teams

Allow your people to raise, submit and approve expenses at any time, from any location through the Capture Expense app and take control of your organisation’s spend.

Say goodbye to paper processes

Your people manage their receipt uploads and expense claims. You manage, review and approve all expenditures in-app. Easy.

Fix manual data-entry filled with errors

Whether its pre-populated receipt data or automated mileage calculations, you'll improve the accuracy of your data spend.

Stop out-of-policy

Set individual spending limits, out-of-policy warnings and control approval stages so your people never over-spend.

Stay HMRC and VAT compliant

Stay compliant with pre-built VAT records including standard UK and EU rates and HMRC advisory fuel rates.

It was highly configurable and yet easy to understand, I've never seen any other system achieve this level of features with such an ease of use. The speed of the solution is fantastic, our internet is not the best but their software runs perfectly.

Tom Garner, Director

expense management software, expense software, expense management system

Full spend visibility in one expenses platform

Access real-time reporting of spend across your entire organisation as it occurs, across all reimbursements, bills and credit card transactions.

With complete data overview in a single platform, Capture Expense makes it simpler for management to identify trends, monitor spend and keep on top of budget and cash flow.


Find out more about Cintra's expense management software designed to empower your organisation, one expense at a time.

Expenses software that reduces admin and saves on spend

Discover how you can stay on top of reimbursements, bills, and credit card transactions as they happen, empowering smarter financial decisions. Here's what to expect from our expense management softwware:

expense management software, expense software, expense management system

Snap and store receipts

Instant receipt uploads means less receipts lost, less paper processes and less time chasing.

Real-time document scanning

Automated data population scans and uploads receipt data to expense forms so you don't have to.

Automatic VAT calculations

VAT records are pre-built into the platform, including the full standard EU and UK rates.

Automated mileage calculations

Never miscalculate mileage claims with a number of automated vehicle management features.

expense management software, expense software, expense management system
expense management software, expense software, expense management system

Company spend policies

Reduce overall spend by enforcing your expenses policy through spend limits, duplicate detection and more.

Multi-stage approvals

Customise the approval process to your needs, including conditional stages like claim amount and receipt date.

Integrated with finance and payroll

Seamlessly sync data with finance, payroll and HR for recording transactions in accounts or reimbursing employees through payroll.

Reconcile credit card transactions

Connect with your existing credit card accounts for automated reconciliation and real-time spend updates.

expense management software, expense software, expense management system

Integrate with Clearspend, Barclaycard, HSBC and more

Our expense management system uses Open Banking technology to integrate with hundreds of banks and corporate cards, bringing all of your organisational spend under one roof. Get rid of those month-end bottle necks and let us fix it for you with intelligent automation.

expense management software, expense software, expense management system

Try Capture Expense for free

Thinking about trying a new expense management software? Give Capture Expense a go with your 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Why choose Cintra's expense management software?

Available anywhere, anytime, on any device. organisations using our expense management system see:

75% overall time saved

Save time by getting rid of manual expenses processes and replacing them with smart, automated data capture.

44% reduction in spend

Stop your teams from overspending by enforcing your expense policy with individual spending limits

34% increase in VAT claim success

Leave no room for human-error and achieve a higher VAT claim success rate

expense management software, expense software, expense management system

What makes Cintra's expense software different

Our suite of payroll and HR software is used by our very own outsourced payroll team, and a constant cycle of feedback and evaluation has resulted in one of the most evolved systems available. We’re proud to offer you a best-of-breed payroll and HR solutions that helps your organisation become more efficient and innovative by enhancing your employee experience.

Cintra’s large payroll outsourcing team utilise our own software every day
Continuous feedback from our outsourcing team as well as from customers
New ideas and technology incorporated by our in-house engineers

The perfect partner to your expense management software


Manage your payroll in-house with Cintra’s cloud-based payroll software, fully integrated with our cloud HR software.


A full-or-part-managed payroll service, powered by market-leading software and fully integrated with HR.


A cloud-based, integrated HR solution that helps you transform people and payroll processes in a single platform.


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We’re on hand to discuss your unique challenges, and show you how our expense management software is flexible and customisable to your needs.

expense management software, expense software, expense management system

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