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Effortlessly manage all your payroll clients in one place with Cintra Bureau – the powerful payroll software designed specifically for bureaus.

payroll bureau software

Remove the day-to-day complexity of managing multiple payrolls

From how you collect your client’s data to how you share reports, our intelligent software streamlines it all.

Standardise your data collection

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets. Easily collect and consolidate all data in one place, ensuring uniformity across all of your clients.

Give your teams access to the right data

Create teams and assign users to the relevant data with our access control feature. Everyone gets full visibility of the data they need and nothing they don't.

Instantly generate and distribute reports

Generate powerful reports which you can send to your clients at a click of a button. Choose from over 60 reports available for you to run.

Stay ahead of legislation changes

We take away your concerns around compliance and ensure our software is always in line with the latest legislation.

The knowledge and expertise within the team at Cintra is second to none and made the transition from the previous payroll provider seamless. Cintra [Bureau] is extremely user friendly with the functionality to process the numerous payrolls accurately and on time.

Why Choose Cintra Bureau?

Let our payroll bureau software do the hard work for you.

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Ensure accuracy

Swap out manual tasks for powerful software which automates calculations. That means more accurate payroll runs and happier clients.

Powerful integrations

Cintra Bureau can seamlessly integrate with HR, T&A, ATS systems providing your clients with a comprehensive solution.

Fully scalable

Whether you’re handling organisations small or large, our bureau payroll software can help. It makes even the most complex payrolls, simple.

Automated payslips

No more printed payslips. Your clients and their employees get payslips straight to their phone and desktop.

payroll bureau software
payroll services

Workflow management

Reclaim your time with workflows that enable you to automate recurring tasks.


Easily recalculate payroll and back date pay to ensure accuracy.

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Collaborating with your clients is easier than ever

Centralise communication with your clients through our cloud-based portal. 

They can easily input data directly into their payroll in real-time and perform instant gross-to-net calculations.

No more waiting until after payroll processing to understand costs, your clients maintain full visibility throughout the entire payroll cycle.

Market-leading bureau payroll software

Cintra Bureau is built in-house by our developers and used by our very own outsourced payroll team

The continuous feedback between our teams ensures we’re developing our product quickly and staying ahead of the game

So, you can be confident you’re getting the very best payroll bureau software in the UK. 

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Accredited excellence

The perfect partner to your payroll software


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We'd love to hear from you

Our payroll experts are on hand to discuss your unique challenges, and show you how our payroll bureau software is flexible and customisable to your needs.

cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk

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