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Cloud based payroll software that’s everything you need to manage your payroll in-house with accuracy, efficiency, compliance, and control.

cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk

Cloud based payroll software that does the heavy lifting for you

Simplify how you manage payroll in-house with HMRC-recognised software designed in-house, by payroll experts.

Deliver the right pay, every time

Payroll errors can cause serious trouble. Automate calculations and improve your payroll accuracy.

Keep up with ever-evolving compliance

We keep your payroll software up to date with all legislative changes, so you don't have to.

Synchronise HR and

Create a definitive source of truth across payroll and HR with seamless integrations.

Make complex payroll simple

Simplify your payrolls with flexible features that manage employee terms and conditions for you.

As a payroll professional with over twenty years’ in the industry, I feel that Cintra offers a level of support that you will not find from other providers. The team are quick to respond to any queries and offer a variety of methods to troubleshoot, identify and resolve issues swiftly and professionally. The product itself is very user-friendly too and is simple to navigate around.

Payroll and Benefits Manager

What does Cintra Pay do?

Cintra Pay is your ultimate in-house UK payroll software, taking the chore out of processing. It’s packed with everything you need for efficient, accurate, and fully compliant payroll—including:

cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk

Workflow management

Automate your payroll process and stop getting bogged down with repetitive tasks.


Remove the risk of manual errors by automating calculations and deductions.


Recalculate payroll based on date entry and allow back-dated pay to be delivered without fault.

Powerful reporting

Packed with everything you need for reporting and compliance, including gender pay reports as standard.

cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk
payroll services

Multiple roles and pensions

Simplify employee complexities and easily manage pay and deductions for individual contracts separately.

Statutory rates

Keep on top of statutory rates, all included and updated as standard.

HMRC and GDPR compliant

We’re HMRC recognised and GDPR compliant, plus we help you keep up-to-date with legislative changes.

Automatic enrolment

Stay compliant with auto-enrolment by streamlining the entire process in-platform.

cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk
cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk

Payroll software that improves employee experience

Offer your people a unified and branded solution across HR and payroll with Cintra. Packed with employee self-service options including:


Find out more about using Cintra Pay to run accurate, compliant and efficient in-house payroll.

Cintra Groups is the transformational addition to your UK payroll software that empowers your managers to own and enter payroll data for their teams—delegating payroll responsibility across your organisation.

From entering new starters to entering one-off payments and deductions, you can capture payroll data directly at source. You’ll remove single points of failure, access real-time reporting and get from data to decisions faster.

cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk

The software is just so usable, you build the system so the data is in the way which you want it! Anything in the system is reportable and you can design the reports yourself. There really is nothing like it on the market!

HR Officer


Payroll software that's flexible, scalable and customisable to your needs.

Alongside your cloud-based software, we can help you with:

Accredited excellence

cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk

Powerful payroll software developed in-house

You can trust in Cintra’s payroll expertise; gathered over 40 years of delivering payroll solutions to organisations of all shapes and sizes, we know the complexities of payroll inside and out. That’s why we’ve built HMRC recognised, UK payroll platform that delivers on everything you need with total control and ease.

What makes Cintra's payroll software different

Our payroll and HR software is used by our very own payroll outsourcing team, and a constant cycle of feedback and evaluation has resulted in one of the most evolved systems available. We’re proud to offer you a best-of-breed HR and payroll platform that helps your organisation become more efficient and innovative by enhancing your employee experience. 

Cintra’s large payroll outsourcing team utilise our own software every day

Continuous feedback from our outsourcing team as well as from customers
New ideas and technology incorporated by our in-house engineers

Payroll software FAQs

Yes, our software is date-driven which allows backdated pay to be calculated automatically.

There is an extensive collection of payroll reports available within the software. There is also a built-in report writer which allows you to build your own customised reports.

Yes. Our payroll software integrates directly with our HR software, providing a definitive source of truth. Data flows securely ensuring accuracy and consistency is maintained.

The cost varies depending on the size of your company and your specific needs. It’s a significant investment however it can bring many benefits to your business. Contact us now to get a quote.

Legislation and compliance surrounding HR and payroll is complex. Our software is HMRC approved and as an organisation we are proud to be certified with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and both BACS and CIPP PAS accreditation. Cintra is fully RTI compliant, HMRC compliant and provides full Auto Enrolment functionality.

Cintra offer both an outsourced payroll service and payroll software solution which can be integrated with our HR software. If you are looking to run your payroll in-house, then our easy-to-use software will give you everything you need to ensure accuracy, efficiency, compliance and control in your business. However if you would prefer for your payroll to be managed by a trusted payroll provider, then find out more about our outsourced payroll service.

The perfect partner to your payroll software


An end-to-end applicant tracking system which enables you to advertise, assess and recruit faster.


Simple but sophisticated expense management software bringing all your spend together in one easy platform.


A cloud-based, integrated HR solution that helps organisations transform their people and payroll processes within a single platform.

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cloud based payroll software, software for payroll, payroll software uk

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