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Empower Managers

Empowering managers removes single points of failure and reduces the chance of errors occurring in your organisation. Managers can be given restricted access which ranges from read-only to full access. This allows them to securely input and edit data including:

  • Setting up new starters
  • Making contract changes
  • Inputting overtime

The use of Groups within the Cintra platform has been imperative in understanding how to differentiate between our departments within our business. It has supported us in understanding our payments each month and a great tool for budget management. It also allows our managers to have more autonomy over their own groups and expenditure.

Holly Gaches, HR Advisor

Benefits and Features

Groups reduces data entry administration, allows payroll updates at the click of a button,
and provides powerful real-time payroll reporting across the business.

Mitigate data breaches

Access control allows you to limit the access you give to managers so you can ensure that everyone has the visibility they need, whether it’s read-only view or editing capabilities.

No single point of failure

The usual workflow challenges are removed as information is captured directly at source, reducing errors, and improving efficiency.


Fully integrated with our payroll portal and third-party applications which means you only need to input data once.

Suitable for all organisations

Whether you are a small or large company, and regardless of your set up, Groups can be valuable to your organisation.

Data to decisions, faster

Groups increases the speed at which data input is increased, meaning you will have visibility of data much quicker. All of this enables you to from data to decisions much faster.

User Friendly

Groups has an intuitive interface, making it easier for managers to use and adopt.

Feature Feedback

We use feedback to drive development, our first early adopters highlighted two killer features:

Real-time payroll functionality
At a click of a button, our clients’ payrollers have full visibility of real-time payroll data. This is a game changing capability.

No manual input
Payrollers and managers have the ability to collate changes onto the ‘salary and allowances’ and ‘one off payment/deductions’ sheets without inputting manually. This greatly reduces administrative content.

Frequently asked questions

Groups can be setup with one or more managers.

Our system is extremely flexible. Whether an employee is managed by multiple managers or the employee works at multiple sites, this can all be configured through Groups.

Manager access is administered by the group administrator. They will be able to control what groups a manager has access to and what employees are in each of the groups. When a manager logs into the portal they will have visibility of employees within their group. They will be able to see employee personal details, payments and a full breakdown of an employee’s payslip with pay history.

Yes. If access have been granted by the group administrator, managers can use the simple new starter wizard. If a manager has a lot of new starters and does not want to enter them individually, they can import multiple employees at the same time using our import tools.

Groups is fully integrated with Cintra’s powerful payroll software. Once data has been entered by managers it is saved to the payroll.  Payroll administrators can review all input prior to paying employees.


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