Setting a new standard in payroll

Cintra Groups is the revolutionary payroll software that gives you the power to delegate payroll admin, capture information directly at source and track payroll in real-time. 

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Transform how your payrollers work with managers

Groups gives your managers the power to own and enter payroll data for their teams, in real-time. With payrollers and managers working together in one centralised platform, there’s no more waiting for spreadsheets, no more invisible payroll data, and no more inconsistencies in process.

Save time

Simplify your entire payroll cycle and remove manual, tedious processes—resulting in huge time savings.

Track payroll in real-time

Gain a real-time window into your entire payroll cycle with instant updates and gross-to-net calculations.

Improve collaboration

Empower payrollers and managers to make better, data-driven decisions together.

Reduce costs

With huge reductions in resource and more accurate payroll processes, reduce the cost of your cost centre.

Groups has been imperative in understanding how to differentiate between our departments within our business. It has supported us in understanding our payments each month and a great tool for budget management. It allows our managers to have more autonomy over their own groups and expenditure.

Payroll Manager

Empowering every corner of your C-suite

Cintra Groups isn’t just for payrollers. Every role in your C-suite has its unique challenges and objectives when it comes to understanding the impact of payroll—your biggest cost centre. Take a look at the impact of Cintra Groups for COO’s, CFO’s, CHRO’s and CEO’s:


Chief Operations Officer

Gain total visibility of your entire payroll cycle, at any point in time
Year on year total costs
See where your costs sit against your budget at any point in time, directly from Cintra Groups dashboard.
Intelligent reporting
Easily access an array of reports and analyse costs by departments, helping you to track overall performance.
Instant data variances
Empower managers to enter payroll data into Cintra Groups and see instant variances in pay, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Chief Financial Officer & Head of Finance

Instantly access and analyse department costs, at any point in time
Drill-down into pay variances
Compare costs month on month and drill-down into where payroll variances are—totally automated, no manual work required.
Track where you are against budget
Access and analyse payroll costs and department costs with speed and accuracy—taking the manual processes out of reporting.
Instantly access intelligent reporting
Gain instant visibility of payroll costs before hitting month end. With Groups, there's no need for manual reports weeks after payday.

Chief HR Officer

Improve the efficiency of your people processes, boost employee satisfaction
Empower managers
Enable managers to input payroll data directly at source, allowing them to spend more time managing and less time on admin.
Total employee reports
Get instant visibility of the amount of starters and leavers with total employee reports, including variance figures.
Breakdown costs by department
Pay Elements Summary allows you to instantly access segmented reports, so you can analyse department trends and cost bases.

Chief Executive Officer

Boost the strategic impact of your payroll department for organisational success
Understand your business instantly
Gain instant understanding of your total headcount costs and salaries by department, over any time period.
From cost centre to profit centre
Modernise how your entire organisation manages payroll and save time, money and resource.
Get more answers than ever before
Access powerful insights at the click of the button, enabling true data-led decision making at every level.

Head of Payroll & Payroll Managers

Redistribute your workload and decentralise payroll responsibilities
Track payroll in real-time
Gain a real-time window into your entire payroll cycle with breakdowns of total costs, gross/net pay, salaries, starters and leavers.
Spot variances instantly
See instant variances in pay on an employee-by-employee basis when payroll data is entered into Groups.
Delegate payroll admin to managers
Empower managers to take control, reducing dependency on your team and creating more accurate, efficient, and flexible processes.
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Turn your cost centre into a profit centre

Modernise how your organisation processes payroll by segmenting your organisation in Cintra Groups and delegating payroll responsibilities to your managers. Speed up and streamline your processes to save time, money and resource. 

Decentralise responsibilities and reduce dependency on your payroll team

Modernise the way your organisation handles payroll by segmenting your organisation in Cintra Groups and delegating payroll responsibilities to your managers.

Segment your organisation within Groups

Groups is extremely flexible and customisable, so you can set the platform up in-line with your different sites and locations.

Decentralise payroll

Identify your authorised managers who’ll be handling payroll data for their teams or sites and give them controlled access to their Group.

Managers enter payroll data in real-time

No more spreadsheets and paper timesheets—payroll data is entered into Groups in real-time.

Managers and payrollers perform instant gross-to-net calculations

Managers can run gross-to-net calculations and get closer to the data for their Group—boosting engagement and collaboration.

Managers access powerful data and insights

Empower your managers to understand and investigate payroll data for their Group, improving your payroll accuracy.

Track payroll in

Gain instant visibility of your payrolls—so you know exactly what’s going on in each Group and payroll, even before processing.

Managers submit their group for a payroll managers approval

Managers lock down their Group and submit to your payroll team for checking—nothing is processed without your approvals.

Payrollers review and approve before final processing

See something that’s not quite right? Payrollers can make their own changes or send back to managers for edits if needed.

Incredible savings with Cintra Groups

Fill in the two questions below to find out how much Cintra Groups can save your organisation annually.

ROI Calculator - Cintra Groups

£per year

How is this Calculated?

  • 0.5% of your entire wage bill is spent on overpayments in the payroll process.
  • Approximately 2% of manager’s time is lost due to pay queries and problems that they’re incapable of handling effienctly
  • 5% of employee churn can be attributed to payroll errors.

All of this has a significant cost on your business.

Access powerful insights, without complex data management skills

Engage leaders in payroll with the Groups dashboard, empower better decision-making and lessen financial risks. Groups dashboard has something powerful for every leader in your organisation:

Cintra Groups in action

5,890 hours saved annually

Arcus swapped their time-consuming, timesheet-based payroll process for Cintra Groups to pay their 4,500+ strong workforce and saved 15% of their managers resource annually. 

50% of time saved on approvals

Olleco relied on manual payroll processes and spreadsheets to process payroll for their 700+ colleagues. By implementing Groups, they reduced time taken for manager approvals by 50%. 

The future of payroll
is ‘Lean’

Groups empowers your organisation to embed Lean Payroll practices so you can: 

Thanks to Cintra Groups, payroll processes have become quicker and simpler for our managers, meaning they can spend more time focused on their teams, instead of manual, cumbersome tasks.

Payroll Manager

Cintra Groups FAQs

Yes. Once you have assigned a user with Group Administration access, you can create groups using our user-friendly group creation wizard. Once a group has been setup, your group administrator can edit group details and maintain employees and managers as needed.

Cintra Groups can be setup with one or more managers.

Our system is extremely flexible. Whether an employee is managed by multiple managers or the employee works at multiple sites, this can all be configured through Groups.

Manager access is administered by the Group Administrator. They will be able to control what groups a manager has access to and what employees are in each of the groups.

When a manager logs into the portal they will have visibility of employees within their group. They will be able to see employee personal details, payments and a full breakdown of an employee’s payslip with pay history. 

Yes. If access have been granted by the group administrator, managers can use the simple new starter wizard. If a manager has a lot of new starters and does not want to enter them individually, they can import multiple employees at the same time using our import tools.

Yes. If access have been granted by the group administrator, managers can input one-off payments e.g. overtime.  You can also empower your managers and allow them to maintain employee salaries and recurring payments. 

Cintra Groups is fully integrated with Cintra’s powerful payroll software. Once data has been entered by managers it is saved to the payroll.  Payroll administrators can review all input prior to paying employees.

The perfect partner to Cintra Groups


Manage your payroll in-house with Cintra’s cloud-based payroll software.


A fully outsourced, cloud-based solution for all your payroll needs – flexible and reliable.


A cloud-based HR solution that transforms people and payroll processes in a single platform.

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Get in touch to see Cintra Groups in action and hear more about the incredible results that Groups users have seen.

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