SSP rates 2024/25

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Rates for 2024/25


As with most financial years, statutory sick pay (SSP) has seen a boost to its previous yearly rate! So, to make sure you’re prepared for any team members being absent due to illness, we’ve outlined the latest SSP rates for 2024/25 to make sure you’re paying your teams the amount you’re legally obliged to pay.

SSP rates 2024/25

As of 6 April 2024, the SSP weekly rates is £116.75. This is an increase from the £109.40 per week from the 2023/24 year.  This rate is provided by the UK government. 

The amount you must actually pay an employee for each day they’re off work on sick leave due to illness (the daily rate) depends on the number of ‘qualifying days’ they work each week. The daily rates are as follows: 

Unrounded daily rates Number of qualifying days in week
£16.6785 7
£19.4583 6
£23.35 5
£29.1875 4
£38.9166 3
£58.375 2
£116.75 1

What else do you need to know about SSP? 

Statutory sick pay is a payment made to an employee who is off sick for over 4 calendar days. The eligibility criteria is: 

  • They’re classed as an employee of the business 
  • Earn an average of £123 per week 
  • Have been ill for at least 4 calendar days in a row (including non-working days)  7

As an employer, you’re legally obligated to pay your employees the correct amount of statutory sick pay, so make sure your systems reflect the changes! 

You should also make sure you have clear absent management policies in place for how to claim SSP and communicate these to your employees.  

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