HR Management

Fully integrated HR software—bringing together your HRIS, payroll, performance management and employee engagement with powerful people analytics.


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A single system for people management processes

With all things people management in one place, Cintra’s HR software gives you a holistic view of your people while ensuring data accuracy, transparency and efficiency across all of your connected tools.

Integrate HR and payroll

Your HR data securely flows through to Cintra’s payroll software, so your data is always accurate, consistent and maintained.

Make smarter decisions

Gather continuous feedback from your people and make more strategic, people-centric decisions.

Empower performance

Create a performance management process that’s in sync with organisational goals, values and culture.

Automate manual processes

Scrap the laborious paper processes with automated, customised workflows that save you time and effort.

Gain a 360° view of your entire organisation​

In a global workforce with distributed teams, our best-of-breed HR analytics give you the 360° view you need of your entire organisation, so you have visibility over the metrics which matter most. Our analytics cover:

  • Performance and productivity 
  • Culture and community
  • Planning and financial drivers 
  • Risk and compliance 

Your entire HR ecosystem in one full integrated platform

HR software with Cintra, at a glance...

Cloud-based and secure

Your employee data is centralised and secure in our cloud hr software. We’re up to date on the latest HR legislation and our platform is fully compliant.

Customisable dashboard

Your dashboard is fully customisable—for both you and your employees—encouraging better engagement and buy-in from your teams.

AI-powered analytics

From engagement to performance to workforce analytics, never miss an insight that needs your attention.

Employee engagement

Create a culture that engages, empowers and retains with continuous employee feedback and engagement analytics.

Performance management

Drive continuous improvement with regular 1:1 check-ins, performance reports and goals that align with your organisation’s objectives.

On and offboarding

All data flows seamlessly between our payroll and HR software so you can onboard and offboard employees with ease.

Smart automation

Automate processes across the entire employee lifecycle—including performance, surveys and mobility—so you can focus on what matters most.

Employee self-service

The self-service dashboard covers absence and payroll, including sickness and holiday bookings, payslips, P60’s and more.

Compliance management

Transform your HR compliance, risk management and record-keeping and keep everything up to date, all of the time.

Why Cintra?

Our transformative payroll and HR software enables teams everywhere to turn insight into opportunity and focus on a more intelligent way to work. We offer a highly evolved, compliant and connected suite of software and services that channel business intelligence to help organisations make the most of insights and build resilience.

What makes us different

Our Payroll and HR software is used by our very own payroll outsourcing team. A constant cycle of feedback and evaluation has resulted in one of the most evolved systems available. We’re proud to offer you a best-of-breed Payroll and HR platform that helps your organisation become more efficient and innovative by enhancing your employee experience.

Cintra’s large payroll outsourcing team utilise our own software every day
Continuous feedback from our outsourcing team as well as from customers
New ideas and technology incorporated by our in-house engineers

What our customers say

Being able to digitise previously paper-based processes has been a huge time savings for our team. Our entire performance review process is now automated and delivering significantly more value than in the past, when it was manual and paper-based.

HR Manager

Loreto Sixth Form College 

Some of the organisations we work with

payroll and hr software

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