Cintra welcomes six apprentices to its Outsourced Services Team


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National Apprenticeships Week marks the start of a career in payroll for six new recruits at Cintra, with a record number of apprentices joining its ever-growing Outsourced Services Team.

Although 2020 was undoubtedly a turbulent year, the one thing it did not disrupt is Cintra’s ambitious future growth plans. Core to these plans is the attraction and retention of talent across the business. Outsourced payroll services has been the backbone of Cintra operations for many years. Great importance is placed on the education and training of its expert team of payroll professionals, ensuring that they provide an efficient and knowledgeable service. Cintra is keen to support young talent and the Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme gives a clear career path to those looking to join the profession at an exciting, although challenging time.

The Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme has a well-defined framework that provides the opportunity to learn and then put that knowledge into practice, enabling organisations to support and develop future talent. Cintra had a pivotal role in the creation of the apprenticeship, recognising the need for an industry standard which ensures we continue to raise the bar and drive the profession forward.

Head of Outsourced Services Agnes Plewa-Weir believes the Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme will be a key factor in attracting talent into the industry: “The scheme is a great step in establishing payroll as a desirable career. The pandemic really brought the payroll profession to the fore, recognising our key worker status. I take great pride in being counted as one of the professions that keeps the wheels of industry turning and I’m excited to see see so many young people choosing it as their career path. Cintra places great value on education, training and knowledge sharing, so our apprentices will get off to the very best start.”

Commenting on their appointment, Eric Dunmore, PSSG and Cintra Executive Chair said: “I’m delighted to welcome on board our largest cohort of apprentices to date. Cintra has taken on apprentices since the launch of the Payroll Apprenticeship Scheme, with each being offered a permanent position on completion of their training. They have been a great asset to our Outsourced Services Team and I am sure that this year’s intake will be no exception. Growing the talent in our business is a key element in the continued growth and success of our organisation and the Apprenticeship Scheme is a fundamental building block in that growth as well as a scheme which enhances the payroll profession as a whole. Providing opportunity to employees is key to our success.”

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