5,890 hours saved

annually in their payroll processes, equating to 15% of their resource.

21 days to seconds

for managers to access their teams payroll data and see indicative costs.

5,890 hours saved annually for Arcus

Leading facilities management company, Arcus, recognised the need to streamline their complex payroll processes—where half of their 4,500-strong workforce were paid using timesheets. That’s where Cintra Groups comes in.

Thanks to Cintra Groups, payroll processes have become quicker and simpler for our managers, meaning they can spend more time focused on their teams, instead of manual, cumbersome tasks.

Payroll Manager

The challenge

The solution


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The results

Following their incredibly successful rollout of Cintra Groups and their plans to embed the platform into their wider organisation, Arcus have seen:

Cost savings

Time savings

Higher employee satisfaction


Introducing Cintra Groups

The revolutionary software that gives you the power to delegate payroll admin to your managers, capture information directly at source and track payroll data in real-time—in one single platform.