Live Demo of Cintra Cloud

Payroll Software Built for Education

Catch up on our live demo product webinar of Cintra Cloud, showcasing features built specially to meet the needs of schools, colleges, academies, and MATs. We understand the complex payroll requirements associated with your education sector, and our powerful date-driven payroll software has been developed to meet your requirements. Whether you outsource your payroll or manage it in-house with Cintra Cloud, you can automate processes, stay compliant, improve data accuracy, and improve your employee experience.

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The webinar covered:

In this exiting webinar hosted by our Business Development Manager, Phoebe Aston covered:

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Phoebe Aston

Business Development Manager

Phoebe is a Business Development Manager at Cintra HR & Payroll. In her time with Cintra she has helped to bring in and nurture relationships with new clients. Phoebe has worked with hundreds of organisations in the education sector to transform their payroll and HR processes with Cintra, and knows her way around your unique requirements. Outside of work Phoebe loves to spend time travelling, and recently purchased her first home and is in the process of doing it up.