Product Demo: Embracing Change with HR Tech: HR Governance and Fostering Inclusion Webinar


2024/25 Payroll Legislation Guide

The facts, figures, thresholds and allowances for 2024/25, in one handy guide.

We recently held an immersive webinar where we dive into HR governance reporting, fostering an inclusive workplace, and the pivotal role of HR technology. 

What we covered:

  • Governance Reporting: Learn about the latest developments in HR governance reporting, including ESFA’s workforce data collection and the Ethnicity Pay Gap Report. Stay ahead of the curve and uncover the tools to enhance your reporting practices.
  • Inclusivity at Work: Delve into the vital aspects of building an inclusive workplace. Discover the significance of using pronouns in the workplace and explore effective strategies for fostering diversity and inclusion within your organisation.
  • Have Your Say: Your voice matters! Share your thoughts on the trends shaping the HR landscape. Contribute your valuable insights to the conversation and let us know what you’d like to hear more about.
  • We’ll then finish off with a CintraHR Demo: See the game-changing capabilities of cutting-edge HR software. Experience first-hand how innovative technology can streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and empower your HR initiatives.

Watch Now: 

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