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Introducing Lean Payroll: The Concept Transforming the Payroll Industry

Walk through the entire concept with PSSG CTO, Seb Aspland—the mind behind Lean Payroll—covering everything from its roots up to a step-by-step guide for implementation. Packed with actionable guidance and thought leadership, it’s a guide not to be missed!

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Section 1: Understanding Lean

In this section, you’ll be introduced to Lean and the key concepts you need to understand about Lean, so that you’ll then be able to apply these principles to payroll. This doesn’t cover everything you could ever hope to learn about Lean and I’d encourage you to go and access other resources to learn more, but if you want to start implementing Lean Payroll then these are the key concepts and information you need to master before jumping in with both feet.

Section 2: Introducing Lean Payroll

In this section you’ll be guided through more about how Lean applies to payroll, and some unique applications of Lean theories to develop a better understanding of how Lean Payroll actually works. Once you have completed this section, you’ll be ready to move on to how you can start to implement Lean Payroll in your organisation!

Section 3: Applying Lean Payroll

In this section you’ll learn how to apply what you’ve learned in the first two sections to Lean Payroll. You’ll also learn some specific techniques and tools you can and should use to implement Lean Payroll. Finally, you’ll be given a step by step guide to getting Lean Payroll up and running in your organisation.

Section 4: The future of payroll

In this section we’re going to take a quick look at an exciting vision for what the world of payroll could look like if we take Lean Payroll to its logical conclusion.

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