Cintra Conference

In July we held our annual Cintra Conference, we know that not everyone was able to attend, so we recorded our main sessions for you. You can see our product updates, learn what Cintra Global offer, and even learn about EDI and Cybersecurity in the workplace. 

Main Room Sessions

Eric Dunmore Welcome Address 

The PSSG CEO Eric Dunmore opened up the conference and welcomed all our delegates. He also shared some PSSG business updates. 

Dan Brooker Operational Update

The PSSG COO Dan Brooker shares an operational update.

Seb Aspland New Product Update

The PSSG CTO Seb Aspland discusses what is new with our product suite, and how Cintra is working to improve our products.

CIPP Payroll Legislation Update

CIPP’s Matthew Akrigg shares a legislation update for the 23/24 tax year.

Merryn Roberts Allyship and EDI

Cintra Global’s Senior International HR Manager Merryn Roberts shares an insightful talk around allyship and EDI in the workplace.

'What is Insights Discovery?'

Insights “Discovery” is a highly effective psychometric tool focusing on communicating and connecting with others, based on self-understanding. Find out how it can transform people’s self- perception, productivity and performance.

Humanforce Practical Strategies for Effective Workforce Management

Nathan Miller, Managing Director UK & Europe at Humanforce was joined by Cintra’s own Head of UKI Sales Tom Nokes for an insightful talk delving into the multifaceted world of workforce management.

Hillary Wild & Zoe Duffy Cintra Global

Cintra Global’s Operations Director Hillary Wild, and Head of Account Management Zoe Duffy introduced Cintra Global. Learn how Cintra Global can help expand your business internationally.

Seb Aspland Lean Payroll

The PSSG CTO Seb Aspland shares an introduction to the concept of lean payroll, including an overview of its principles and benefits. Followed by a discussion of the different ways in which companies can optimise their payroll processes, automate tasks and reduce manual data entry.

Mark Faulkner Cintra Groups Case Study

Mark Faulkner discusses how Cintra Groups is the transformational software product that gives managers the power to own and enter payroll data for their teams, helping customers to delegate payroll responsibility across their business. 

Breakout Sessions

Optimising Your Payroll Processes Workshop

Andrew Thompson discusses how to improve efficiency and overcome challenges you may be facing in your payroll processes. Learn advanced data automation techniques and how to streamline reporting procedures.

Cybersecurity Workshop

In today’s digital landscape, HR and payroll professionals play a crucial role in managing sensitive employee data. As custodians of this information, it is essential for HR and payroll professionals to be well-versed in cybersecurity practices to protect against potential data breaches and safeguard sensitive employee information.