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Why choose Cintra?

Cintra is so much more than just your software provider. We’ve been empowering payroll and HR for over 40 years, leading the way for industry transformation and growth—and we’d love for you to join the journey with us.

Total HMRC and GDPR compliance

Payroll legislation is ever-changing and complex. We’re up-to-date on all of that and strive to keep you compliant across your entire payroll cycle, carrying the burden for you.

Deliver the right pay, every time

We’ll always work with you to follow best practices, improve your processes and ensure accuracy in your payroll so you deliver the right pay, on time, every time.

Fully integrate HR and payroll

Create a seamless integration between HR and payroll. All of your HR data flows securely through to payroll—ensuring total accuracy and consistency.

Create the best payroll experience

People are the heart of every organisation, so they deserve smooth people processes. Avoid re-keying data and create a definitive source of truth and payroll and HR.

Accredited excellence