Cintra Groups Has Launched: A New Standard for Payroll

Cintra Groups


We’re thrilled to officially launch Cintra Groups, the one-of-a-kind payroll platform set to create a new standard in payroll and drive efficiencies never seen before.

What is Cintra Groups?

Cintra Groups gives managers the power to own and enter payroll data for their teams. Solving the age-old challenge of obtaining accurate payroll data from different teams and sites on time, gathering payroll data from managers happens in real-time, in platform.

And with payrollers and managers working together in one centralised platform, there’s no more waiting for spreadsheets, no more invisible payroll data, and no more inconsistencies in process.

Groups transforms how payroll teams work with managers—helping to speed up and streamline processes to save time, money, and resource.

Why use Cintra Groups?

Cintra Groups is so much more than just software. Empowering everyone from your managers to your c-suite to engage in the payroll process, Groups improves accuracy, streamlines approvals, speeds up processes, empowers data-driven decision-making, and lessens financial risks.

With Groups, you can:

  • Access real-time payroll information: as payroll data is entered into Groups in real-time, giving instant access to valuable data to empower decision-making.
  • Decentralise payroll responsibilities: reducing dependency on your central payroll team.
  • Run accurate and timely payroll: by streamlining approval processes, improving data visibility, and reducing errors.
  • Remove single points of failure: by capturing data directly at source.
  • Turn your cost centre into a profit centre: free up your payrollers valuable time, so they can focus on becoming a strategic asset, and not just an admin team.

How does Cintra Groups work?

  1. Segment your organisations in Groups: whether by location, department, or any other set up. Groups is highly configurable—making it suitable for even the most complex organisations.
  2. Give authorised managers access to their Group: giving them the ability to enter payroll data for their Group, perform gross-to-net calculations, and update personal information.
  3. Managers enter payroll data: like one-off payments and deductions—updating in real-time, providing a real-time window into the entire payroll cycle at any moment in time.
  4. Adjust and make changes when needed: before managers submit their group to the payroll team for approval before payroll is processed.
  5. Payrollers review all the submitted groups: making their own adjustments or sending back to managers if necessary. Then it’s payroll processing time!

What makes Cintra Groups so transformational?

  • Powerful, real-time reporting: from year-on-year total costs to full breakdowns by pay elements across departments… access powerful, real-time insights via the Groups dashboard to engage leaders, empower better decision-making, and lessen financial risks.
  • Gross-to-net calculations: empower managers to run gross-to-net calculations directly in platform when entering their groups payroll data.
  • Instant view of payroll variances: compared to the previous month when data is entered, helping managers and payrollers easily identify errors and analyse any changes.

What impact can Cintra Groups have?

Thanks to our incredible customer base for working with us from the start, we’re pleased to be able to share two case studies from our early adopters:

  • Arcus: leading facilities management company, Arcus, have saved 5,890 hours on their payroll processes every year by implementing Groups, equating to 15% of their resource. Read the full story here.
  • Olleco: sustainability services provider, Olleco, saved 50% of time on their payroll approval processes through streamlined reporting in Cintra Groups. Read the full story here.

See Cintra Groups in action

We’re incredibly proud of what we’re building with Groups and the impact it’s had so far on our early adopters. And with so many more exciting developments to the platform in our roadmap, we’d love to show you it in action and walk you through how Groups can be customised to meet your organisations unique needs.

Arrange a quick, no-obligation demo with us now:

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